The journey unknown

I was born as an entity

I travelled a long way

Faced tremendous hurdles

Through this journey of life

Yet unaware of the direction

And not knowing of the destination

All through the road I felt

Less of pleasure but immense pain

Struggles numerous but no gain

Felt stuck quite a few times

Had heavy teary eyes

All in isolation I had to bear

None came to wipe the tear

I happened to look up to the heaven

To find some peace and a haven

But alas! It wasn’t really destined

The Lord I often questioned

But as a reply He just had a smile

And made me walk another mile

So the journey of my life

Still continues endless and unknown



Walking together on the same trail

I don’t understand why do we ever fail

All the efforts are so very perfect

Yet we seem to stand at the intersect

To be together, is it so difficult?

Hours we stayed with each other

So much we often shared of one another

Still the understanding seems to lack

The farther we walked needs to be looked back

Memories to be gathered, is it so difficult?

The laughter and joy that we shared

So much for each other that we cared

Despite all odds the battles we fought

And the smiles you always brought

Just to be yours, is it really difficult?

Through the woods

It was the trail through the woods

I traveled long thinking about the goods

Up and down ‘n in and out

The road kept me moving all about.

Journey through the dense track

Knowing there was no rush to be back

One way lead me to the other

Destination never really seemed to bother.

Success may or may not be mine

But my attempts shall ever shine

Once or twice the challenges or fight

I shall always take all of them upright.

Climb or descend all through the woods

Will have immense charm of the livelihoods

With the best in me I shall strive

Until the end may I be able to drive.

Leaving an unknown passage behind

For those who wish to follow in blind

How I wish I accomplish my dream!

Thinking about I very often gleam.

A journey

Yearz of desires it had been

Months of dreams I had seen

To plan a journey all anew

May the experience be very few

But I ventured all over again

In those quite an isolated lane

Darkness so dense spread all around

Silence so acute near and about

Just then a voice called from within

Move as fast possible for the meetin’

There waits your inner most you

To create another world so new

Will the journey ever come to an end

And will I get time enough to spend

The silent whispers accompanied me

And I kept walking further on, see.

The efforts

Many a days hardest you strive

Yet you feel really tough to drive

Every step brings forth a challenge

And it’s most important to change.

You know you have run endless

To make every effort to achieve

Just then you feel senseless

With the returns you then receive.

You lose your hope and your heart

Cz what you worked hardest for

Turned out to be a wrong start

Result surely not what you wished for.

You sit brooding over what happened

Impossible enough to understand

Where what was not performed

Or was it just this that was destined.

It’s so difficult to overcome the grief

Of the consequences that are received

However the path followed wasn’t brief

And failure never is to be perceived.

A dream

It’s a world so high

To experience the empty sky
With just words around
Just away from any sound
To understand how I may feel
Being with all the new zeal.

All the spoken or unspoken one

Which I happen to imagine often

Will it ever be uttered by you

That may make my dream come true.

The story so factual

It was isolation to be my companion

And I often cried n smiled in my own

I watched many shadows come too close

But before I cud grab any, they just froze

With time passing by at a steady pace

I tried changing my existing phase

Just then my life took a turn

With one who stepped in was unknown

I smiled in my world the first ever

It seemed like a dream that I had never

Things begin to happen all anew

Happiness around me looked so true

My world was no more just a story

It turned factual with least of worry

My heart felt the newness around

The words spoken was too very sound

Even silence in between brought solace

And the story of my life was much in place