Tears get uncontrollable  

Many a times it so happens

With no knowledge of ours

The heart feels grievous pains

And then tears get uncontrollable. 

So difficult it gets to hide

The extremities of the tide

When someone is lost from your side

And then the tears get uncontrollable. 

None seems to see those heavy drops

It’s the heart that bitterly sobs

So futile gets all the efforts 

And the tears really get uncontrollable. 


The most cherished moment

All alone was she for long

When suddenly a whisper soft

Woke her up and broke her dream

While she lay silent along the stream

Those were the special moments 

In isolation that she ever cherished. 

The breeze then made her restless

With great charm she heard the silence 

Which was louder than any of the voices

She truly loved the company of breeze

As it helped her bear her pain with ease

And those were the special moments 

She often loved and cherished. 

Just then a hand stretched out to hold

She couldn’t react but went quite cold

As she never expected anyone around

And no soul had she ever found

Wondering whether to step forward 

Ringing bells in rhythm she heard

It indeed was a special moment 

That she began to cherish. 

As if it were just yesterday…

  • The smiles surround, your innocence abound
  • You came close and said you wanted to be around 
  • I listened to all what you wished to share
  •  and now it seems like it was just yesterday 
  • But times have changed bringing a new day
  • I still wonder what time it was in such a way 
  • That I trusted every word of yours
  • No matter even if you never meant
  • I happen to still be talking to you 
  • As if it were just yesterday. 
  • The memories could never fade
  • Your presence in life will never evade
  • But all this is nothing more than just a dream
  • And I often dread our parting ways and scream
  • Knowing now that I have no one to listen to me 
  • It’s merely a shadow of yours that I am able to see
  • How do I bear the pain that is deep within
  • You are my habit which never let me be serene. 

A dive into the past

It seems it was just yesterday 

When suddenly at the crossroad 

You came along from nowhere

Together so close we trod. 

With quite a deep emotion

I knew it was only a transition 

And may not be for long 

But I simply loved all the song

The feelings and expressions 

Were so damn temporary 

As time speedily went past

I realized it couldn’t really last

We again reached the intersection 

From we may finally distance apart

But the precious memorable past

Will ever remain in my heart. 

Am I to please?? 

When I talk to people

They begin considering me feeble

The minute I decide to be distant

They go on calling me arrogant

Ah! What a sheer irony

I am expected to please so many

Which I am sure I never will

That’s absolutely not my skill

I am better rude than stray

To appeal people away.

The many mistakes I often made

Have taught me lessons too great

Perhaps there’s a lot still stored

And I have become very bold. 

Apologies so fake

wp-image-2026343224 My life was so simple and plain

Till there was none of your pain

I often tried to finish and slain

Just then you entered into the my heart

With your apologies that were but fake

I knew that nothing was real

Still I let myself be close and feel

Always got my expectations crushed

Yet I allowed you, my mind I hushed

Had your apologies that were but fake

With passing time I accepted my fate

Not to let you be anymore my mate

Changed my thoughts before too late

However, it’s so difficult to forget

Your apologies that were but so fake