The unknown I

I always thought…
I was the seed of your imagination
I was the flower of your garden
I was the fragrance of your breeze
But now I am just a wanderer!
I always thought…
I was the beat of your heart
I was music of your ears
I was sight of your vision
But now I am just a wanderer.
I always thought…
I was the brightness of your dark
I was the smile of your face
I was the hope of your future
But now I am just the wanderer.
I always thought…
I was the love of your life
I was the vision of your mind
I was the voice of your speech
But now I am just a wanderer!

A saga of my journey

The journey I began
Long long ago as a child
With people around who
Were relations, family and friends
Never did I really know what
Could it be without them
They were my life breath,
Indeed a lifeline, I thought then,
But the journey took a turn
Many new people stepped in
Some with permission, some without
I regarded all who wished to be
However a few stepped out
While others I left behind
Moved alone farther in the journey
Thinking I had to travel all by self
When from nowhere appeared
One who held my fingers and
Demanded companionship
Tears withheld in my eyes
Didn’t really know how to reply
Felt weak and surrendered
To walk along in the journey ahead.

The emptiness

Ever the sweet voice echoed within Always I saw those eyes concerned The heart that often beat so hard But now they have all disappeared Leaving such emptiness behind.

The time has changed altogether I try harder to chase the shadow More I think, I sink in deeper My heart’s desire slipping out Leaving great emptiness behind.

Often I wish to find you to talk
Then I realize you have gone a walk Never to return in the same form To make a physical presence Leaving painful emptiness behind.

Was it? Was that?

Was it the right time?
The time I met you, the time I spent with you
The time I spoke to you, the time I shared with you
Was it the right time?
The time I smiled with you, the time I cried with you
The time I walked distances with you, the time I waited for you
Was it the right time?
The time you lost the way, the time you forgot our bond
The time you fought with me, the time you decided to part with me
Was that the right time?
I often do wonder how has the time changed, from right to wrong and worse to worst
But I still stand by one side to wait for the right time which for me will come one day.

Hopes too bright.. Me

Empty space

Is it just a passing phase?

Or will I continue to face?

No one around to embrace

As I am in an empty space.

No one do I now look up to

Neither can I speak my heart to

Is it that I only have to wait to,

Find a soul who may listen to?

I have started to get pretty tired

Nothing around me to be inspired

To breathe in I’m struggling so hard

I do know there are eyes to guard.

A peep into self

Often it becomes so imperative

to be in isolation and utter silence

Where you realize that you live

In a small world in sheer solace

Indeed you feel happy to peep

Into your own self slowly n calmly

As much possible and as much deep

To dig out your strength positively

So that your efforts don’t fall short

You help self grow harder and firmer,


Unknowingly I strolled away

Along the mountain trail

No direction no destination

Just about feeling frail

Right then I came across

A new path with you around

I closed my eyes believing you

Together we walked a mile long

Neither any worry nor despair

The life seemed to just be fair

And then the storm hit me hard

I found the reality to be harsh

The journey reaching a sudden halt

Was it my fault or just destined to be.