Through the thoughts

The farther distances between us

Never tend to disturb me as much

As you are there to stay so close

Through the depth of my thoughts.

I often cry and often smile

When I happen to sit by myself

Since I feel your presence around

Through the depth of my thoughts.

All that you seem to have felt about

Words that you ever spoke aloud

Are today so much a part of my life

Through the depth of my thoughts.

The past perhaps was quite beautiful

The present adds happiness to full

I treasure all those special moments

Through the depth of my thoughts.


Winners quit after victory

How true can this statement be? Can it be imagined for a winner to decide to quit. But why should it be unbelievable or impossible? Indeed winner is putting his best effort to achieve his target. Victory undoubtedly is the last step of the ladder. You climb the first step, slip down and you have an opportunity to restart the journey up with more vigour and diligence. So you don’t quit with that one attempt. One step at a time, should be the aim of life till you reach the last lap. It is always important to know that every journey has its ups and downs but all the downs bring with them another chance to start the journey afresh all over again. Perhaps dejection is a feeling that might grip you with one failure but if you brave the ravages of time and learn new things from the failed challenge, there’s a possibility that you might regain your strength and get to achieve your target.

Once the target is achieved, what more is to be achieved. Then there’s only one way and that is to quit. Quitting doesn’t mean you don’t take any further challenges in your life. Best is that you give yourself a new target and focus on achieving success in the newer missions of life. And gradually make a chain of events to complete the cycle of your life.

Was it just yesterday

You knocked at the door of my life,

I let you in despite my inner strife,

With the only aim to make me smile,

I did see goodness in all your style,

Was it just yesterday?

With the passing time, the journey,

Had all its ups and downs for me,

I took all those challenges, Knowing,

you were there to bring new changes,

Was it just yesterday?

I shared all my heart’s desire n grief,

Cz u were around me to make it brief,

My eyes were often so tearful,

But u were close and truly helpful,

Was it just yesterday?

Indeed we have walked quite afar,

I find u to be my life’s northern star,

You have held me tightly ever,

And just made me feel much better,

Was it just yesterday?


Indeed it was the door
That I just kept closed

Until the day there was a knock

N a soft voice pleaded

Not every thing is the same

Open the door and enjoy the game

You will have a different way

M sure u vl b happier n gay

I wished to trust to find a new way

As I intended to check what further lay

I also had to give the past away

I tried to peep through the tiny space

I found around me a different place

Another narrow challenge that I could face

I decided to go walking a mile

With no expectations from it at all

Since the past always used to call

I often made efforts to smile

No matter even it was for a while

And then one day I found myself

Return to the same closed door

And realized it was much better

Not to have really allowed one to enter

Cz the channel didn’t really had

A treasure to make me glad

Things repeated, indifference created

Bringing me back into the same shed.

…. Its me

18 to 18: a journey 

It was a channel that

I let open, despite

Great apprehensions

Thinking it to be a journey

A dream that will be for life

On the eighteenth of 2013.

We sailed together and soared

And sunk and even glided

With various turns and twists

Shared quite a bit

the happiness as well as despair

But it has come to a standstill

The same date as it began

Seeming to be over finally now

When ways are parted n emotions low.

However with the heaviest heart

I let it make a way for itself

Will surely not grieve over

Even if I may have to despair.

Tears get uncontrollable  

Many a times it so happens

With no knowledge of ours

The heart feels grievous pains

And then tears get uncontrollable. 

So difficult it gets to hide

The extremities of the tide

When someone is lost from your side

And then the tears get uncontrollable. 

None seems to see those heavy drops

It’s the heart that bitterly sobs

So futile gets all the efforts 

And the tears really get uncontrollable. 

The most cherished moment

All alone was she for long

When suddenly a whisper soft

Woke her up and broke her dream

While she lay silent along the stream

Those were the special moments 

In isolation that she ever cherished. 

The breeze then made her restless

With great charm she heard the silence 

Which was louder than any of the voices

She truly loved the company of breeze

As it helped her bear her pain with ease

And those were the special moments 

She often loved and cherished. 

Just then a hand stretched out to hold

She couldn’t react but went quite cold

As she never expected anyone around

And no soul had she ever found

Wondering whether to step forward 

Ringing bells in rhythm she heard

It indeed was a special moment 

That she began to cherish.